Adriane Dedic
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Flag Of Humanity Gift Items
(Read about why I created the flag and who are the faces in the stars)
36" x 24" hand embroidered & machine stitched "art quilt"
©2018 AdrianeDedic original design and words
Available for display or purchase ($2300)

Lots of Flag Of Humanity T-shirts, totes, mugs, & more
Available from my shop on Redbubble:

Flag Of Humanity
I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of humanity.
And to the values of human dignity for which it stands,
one nation undivided, with liberty, justice, equality, inclusiveness,
compassion, acceptance, and respect for all.

2 color variations with different words::
"One nation undivided...",
"One world undivided..."

Or Email to order totes
13"x13", printed both sides, lined inside, $25

Flag Of Humanity.. Flag Of Humanity

Flag Of Humanity nation tote
"one nation undivided..."
Flag Of Humanity tote words
"one world undivided..."



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Please email me if you would like to display the Flag Of Humanity for an event.