Adriane Dedic
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Design for Imperial Fan for Japanese Emperor

Emperor and Peacock Butterflies

My design was selected to be made for the new Emperor of Japan!
Impewrial Fan

Prince Naruhito and Pricess Masako


Winning Design in Worldwide Competition

I am so honored! My Imperial fan design was selected to be made for the Enthronement of the new Japanese Emperor Crown Prince Naruhito.

Six designs were selected as winners from entries from artists all over the world. The winning artists are in New York, Israel, London, Tokyo and I'm the one from California.

I was looking for Japanese spiritual creatures to try and be unique and saw a Japanese Emperor Butterfly that was a beautiful purple and a sign of good spirits so then I looked for a 2nd Japanese butterfly and the Peacock butterfly had beautiful wings so that was my inspiration to honor the new Emperor and his beautiful wife.

Actual fans are made in Kyoto, Japan using the winners' design. and donated to Reiwa Emperor with the signature of His Highness Priest Shorei-in Monzeki Higashifushimi and a fan to be also donated to respective artist winner.

His Highness Priest of Shoreiin Monseki Temple in Kyoto.

His Highness Priest of Shoreiin Monseki Temple signs the back of my fan
Naomi Rebecca Ishizumi from Ishizumi Fan Co. in Kyoyo, Japan
and His Highness Priest of Shoreiin Monseki Temple in Kyoto
(I know they are holding my fan since the other fan design have black wood)
(The Ishizumi Fan Company is famous for making fans for royalty.)

Japan officially began a new era on 1 May 2019 when Crown Prince Naruhito ascended the Chrysanthemum Throne as the new emperor. The day before, his father Emperor Akihito became the first Japanese emperor in more than 200 years to abdicate, bringing the Heisei imperial era to an end.



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