Adriane Dedic
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I would love to create a personalized travel collage for you with your favorite photos and memorabilia.
You can be the center figure
surrounded by your travel memories as a work of art!

"Bon Voyage"
12"x12" textile mixed media
(fabric, paper, & paint, includes maps, train tickets, photos, postage stamps, restaurant napkins, and more...)

Bon Voyage

I can design your travel memorabilia into a piece of art
Personalized, custom Bon Voyage
12"x12" $275, 14"x18" $375
Email: for more information

travel collage  
french travel collage
"Free Spirit" (14"x18" sold)
"Parlez-vous Francais?" (14"x18")
Personalized collage for Valerie using her favorite photos that I printed on fabric and collaged & appliqued with postage stamps, maps, etc. All fabrics and colors can change for personalized collage. (sold)   French-Parisian theme travel mixed media collage. Images from French art and sculpture, photos, postage stamps, printed on fabric and collaged & appliqued. Mounted on canvas. (sold)
please email
to discuss a new art piece personalized for you
"Voyage d'Art" (14"x18") $325.
Exhibited at OLIVE HYDE ART GALLERY in 2018
A collage of famous French art and artists surrounding a girl with a suitcase ready to embark on a trip to France.