Adriane Dedic
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Under a Cloak of Klimt was inspired by a very poetic passage in the novel Art and Lies
by my favorite author Jeanette Winterson.

Under A Cloak of Klimt

Under A Cloak of Klimt
13"x17" dry point engraving with digital embellishment

"Colours became her talismans. At the end of each black and white day. she dreamed in colour.
At night, she soaked her body in magenta dyes, scrubbed herself with pumice of lime.
The pillow was splashed in crimson by her black hair. She slept under a cloak of Klimt."

She Slept Under A Quilt of Klimt

She Slept Under A Quilt of Klimt
24"x20" textile mixed media mounted on canvas

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