Adriane Dedic

Japanese Art
Geishas and Courtesans

Original art by Adriane Dedic

Influenced by the masterful Japanese woodcuts from the Ukiyo-e genre,
I combine elements of traditional Japanese wood cuts with contemporary etching, dry point engraving,
digital embellishment, and digital printmaking techniques.

Transparent Secrets  
Title: Transparent Secrets

Paper  size: 13" wide x 19" high
Image size:  10.5" wide x  13" high
Paper: Radiant white water color paper

Very small limited edition of ten prints
Each piece of art is printed, signed, and numbered by the artist, Adriane Dedic.

I use archival inks and paper to create vibrant colors and under proper light and temperature, each work of art can retain its vibrancy for 100- 200 years. 

Price unframed: $220

Please call the artist for purchase and shipping  arrangements.

(510) 794-3436

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